Congrats, Kudos and Chocolate

Congratulations, kudos and a sincere hope that a shipment of extraordinary, Italian-made chocolate shows up on her doorstep to Tracy Beckerman, author of Rebel Without a Minivan.

Since releasing her self-published book in January, Tracy has done an excellent job promoting her hilarious memoir without the aid of a professional publicist (a feat worthy of two shipments of chocolate) which, rumor has it, is equally as comical and poignant as her newspawrper column, Lost In Suburbia.

In fact, Tracy has become so well recognized for her writing that her column has been picked up by a large number of newspapers in, and beyond her home state of New Jersey. According to her website, Lost In Suburbia is reaching a syndicated audience of over a half million readers!

My hat’s off to you, Tracy. And to the rest of you reading…please support this mom of two in her writing career. We could all use a good laugh now and then. And you can bet you’ll find it in Beckerman’s work.

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