Ok.  I have to admit it:  I have a crush on someone – someones, that is, other than along with my husband.  And it all stems from a couple of innocent Sesame Street video clips.

For a couple years now, Andrew’s early morning routine with our kids has often included accessing the videos, via YouTube, of several well-known musical artists joining Elmo, Tele, or several of the other monstrous characters on the well-loved children’s show.  As this pre-sunrise past time took hold, extending further and further into the morning hours, I began partaking in the routine as well.  Our collective favorites became the following:  Nora Jones singing about the missing letter ‘Y’, the Goo-Goo Dolls signing “Pride” with Elmo, and James Blunt bemoaning the fact that he can’t find his beloved Triangle–sung to the tune of “You’re Beautiful” (which I am listening to as I write this post).

And that was it.

Watching Johnny Rzeznik urging Elmo to feel proud of himself (to the tune of Slide) for making his own bed and saying his ABCs has got me twitterpated.  He’s just so darned cute with his frosted, spiky hair and all-black duds on stage with a leather jacket adorned puppet.  The line, “you are furry, proud and red…” gets me every time.  If you doubt my sincerity, check it out yourself:

Now, James Blunt is a different issue all together.  I hate to admit this, but I really wasn’t all that aware of James Blunt before his appearance on Sesame Street.  I mean, I certainly recognized the tune of You’re Beautiful as he strums his guitar and ponders the wonderful attributes of the triangle he recently met, “in a crowded place…”

But it was really after I bought his two most recent CDs that my crush was solidified.  The guy is just passionate.  His writing is lyrical, artistic and heart felt.  He makes you wish you were the woman he’s singing about in Goodbye My Lover or Cry On My Shoulder.  His music moves you to emotion.

Artists–be they writers, musicians, painters or sculptors have operated throughout the ages with this primary purpose in mind:  to capture an emotion, an experience, a moment in time within the confines of their work, and then put it out there…hoping to make other people feel.

And so, I admit it:  I was moved by the silly, but all-the-while charming appearances of these artists on a show that was designed for preschool-aged children.  Moved at their willingness to “risk” their otherwise carefully cultivated public images to participate in a show that so many of their current fan base was potentially raised on.  Moved enough to look further for what they have to offer the world.

Maybe theirs, and other artists’ appearances on Sesame Street are nothing more than a PR ploy.  Maybe I have fallen into the very trap I was meant to succumb to.  I’m totally and completely willing to admit it.  I went out and paid $14 a piece for a couple of CDs based on those appearances.  But you have to admit, watching a person perform their particular art, whether in front of a bunch of twenty and thirty somethings in a crowded, smoky bar, or on a brightly lit, puppet-filled studio set, can still prompt an observer to feel.

And let’s face it:  what woman wouldn’t want to pretend, even for the briefest of moments, that someone is singing to her about how captivatingly beautiful she is in their eyes?  (Even if it briefly evokes images of dancing blue and purple faced fuzzy creatures.)

(In case you want to see the REAL video:)


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3 responses to “Crush

  1. That is pretty cool. I don’t remember celebrities on SS when I was little.

  2. I heart James Blunt also I saw him on Oprah a while ago and was in love w/ his music. I also enjoy sesame street w/ my kiddo!

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