It’s now been about a month and a half since the official release of A Dozen Invisible Pieces.

I have faced the question countless times now–the one that starts off with,

“So, how’s it going with the book?”  (People gradually get around to saying silly things like, ‘let me know when you get on Oprah’–which won’t likely happen until enough folks have written to her about my knock-your-socks off book!)

Regardless of “how it’s going” with the book, I keep plugging away at the PR stuff–a little at a time.  My publicist has submitted media kits to the Seattle Times, Bloomsbury Review, New York Book Review, NewWest on line magazine, Long Island Woman magazine, and Parenting magazine.  Next up: Parents, Child, Mothering, Family Circle, More…  I’m anticipating my second on-line book review to show u–on Posh Mama–any day now…and can hardly wait!  (In fact, the book review will be accompanied by some interview segments, advice for new moms, and a give away contest during which participants can win one of two free copies of A Dozen Invisible Pieces.)

As we take a gradual approach to this whole PR thing–eventually lining up radio talk show interviews, more book signings and public speaking engagements… I can’t help but feel like I’m on some sort of surreal, fun park ride.  And while the process of writing the book was incredibly healing for me, along with the heartfelt comments I’ve received from readers thus far, I can’t help but hold out a little bit of hope that the best is yet to come.


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