Ocassional Red High Heeled Shoes, please.

It’s no surprise, I suppose, that this obstacle course life I lead is accompanied by little time for self care.  When I say that, however, it is with important qualifications:

What I lack in time for investing in a significant beautifying regimen each morning, I make up for in making sure I eat well and exercise on a regular basis.  And the hundreds of miles I’ve logged on our unfinished-basement treadmill–with three children riding their bikes, scooters, and plasma car at top speed; zipping in between the support beams, hot water tank and heater, and looping circles around my power walking, arm-pumping self–are a testament to this.  I realize I have done myself and my family a great favor by maintaining some semblance of a commitment to caring for myself.  After all, it requires a great deal of energy to keep up with three children five and under…and even more to promote a book!

But, this all being said, my harry-scary pace of life comes with a price:  that morning beautifying regimen I mentioned earlier.  Or, the lack-there-of.  I recently posted a comment about this on the main page of my favorite women’s on-line community, Posh Mama.  (Now, don’t let the name of the community scare you–even if you’re not all that “posh”, like me, there’s plenty of room for us all!)

Tammy, Beauty and Style Editor for Posh Mama, and also Editor of her own blog, A Mom in Red High Heels, did a nice job of summarizing our exchange about how to invest in a little beautifying self care, without overdoing it, or investing an inordinate amount of (otherwise unavailable) time.  Follow this link, to read Tammy’s answers to my conundrum.

Although I will still probably tend to err on the side of “less is more” when it comes to make-up, hair styling, and attention to wardrobe (ok, I don’t mean to suggest I follow the “less is more” attitude in self coverage–come on, now!  I’m still relatively modest–even after having birthed three children!) but I think a great take home point here is this:  Just as it is important to make healthy food choices, and work some semblance of exercise into our daily routine…helping us to maintain a healthy outlook on life, and a vibrant level of energy…it’s equally important to invest even a little time on our appearance.  As humans, we tend to act the part we look.  And sometimes that little boost we need in self confidence and self esteem comes in a crisp pair of jeans, a touch of mascara and lip gloss and, yes, as Tammy might recommend, even an occasional pair of red high heeled shoes.

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One response to “Ocassional Red High Heeled Shoes, please.

  1. I hear ya! I actually just bought a pair of red high heels too and that is so unlike me. I do feel Posh and Pampered when I wear them. I hope you like yours and may they never blister you 🙂

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