Momhonest Confession…

I am three days out from my inaugural book signing event–an event that will be so much more than just that.

The Bozeman first annual (this implies the potential for others) Mothering Our Mothers event will boast sixteen local organizations whose primary purpose is to support moms and their young families.  Not only will these businesses, social groups and charitable organizations be on site, handing out literature, answering questions, and explaining their services, but there will be a panel discussion spear-headed by yours truly; addressing the primary topic of how can we, as individuals, and a community, support mothers of young children in the important work they do?

Following the Mothering Our Mothers event, I will skip across the street to Llama Llama Book store for the official signing part of the event.  (I am anticipating being giddy enough during this, my first public book  event, that actually skipping to the book store seems highly possible, and even quite reasonable.)

With television stations notified, the local newspaper “tipped”, email campaigns completed and promotional material ready to go, now all I have to do is wait.  Oh, yeah.  And practice the 20 minute talk I will be delivering to, hopefully, dozens of attendees.

So, how have I been slogging my way through all this busy work with three munchkins in tow?  I actually counted it up this week and discovered, as a conservative estimate, I’m putting in 25-30 hours per week on this stuff in addition to my full time stay-at-home-mom status.  So, in true Momhonest confession:  this is what tends to happen when I’m squeezing in that one last call to the newspaper, or following up with one of my Lamaze class students (all the while hissing to my kids, hand clamped down over the mouth piece of the telephone, “Keep it down guys!  Mommy’s on a call for work.  I’ll be done in a minute!”):

Oh, and in case you’re wondering:  yes, I made them clean it up.  All 13 dresser drawers-worth of clothing they piled up and repeatedly jumped into, yelling, “Jungle Gym, Jungle Gym!”  It took an hour.  Then it was bed time.  Hallelujah! 

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