Beautiful Display!

I am proud of the work I’ve done with my burgeoning writing career. I’m thankful for the opportunity to write for my local parenting magazine, in which I have published articles on topics ranging from toddlers and their imaginary friends, to choosing child care wisely, to ideas on how to better support mothers with young children. I believe the writing I do is truly a community service activity, as well as a (much needed) creative outlet for myself. (Yes, it’s paid community service. But I can guarantee you…I’m not getting rich off of this stuff!)

This all being said, it’s nice to get a little lovin’ back in exchange for this work I do. And so, when I received Leslie McCleary’s email yesterday–she’s the owner of Llama Llama Books, where I’ll do my first book signing here in Bozeman–I was more than thrilled. Check out the picture she sent me of the beautiful display of my books in the front of her store:

Wow! A big thanks goes out to Leslie!

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