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Hi all:

Did you see the Newsweek article on Amy Richards’ recently released book, Opting In:  Having a Child Without Losing Yourself ? (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, April 29, 2008 ) Although Jennie Yabroff, who wrote the article, could have done a better job introducing Richards’ book, getting the book’s title correct, and filling readers in on Richards’ background as a writer and feminist activist, I still found my interest piqued.  As should you.

As described in a Publisher’s Weekly review:
“In this spirited response to the controversial 2004 New York Times Magazine‘s cover story The Opt-Out Revolution claiming that America’s most educated women are choosing motherhood over careers, feminist activist Richards (coauthor, Grassroots) reminds readers of the real strides the women’s movement has made in allowing women to choose and juggle both. The initial uneasiness in reconciling motherhood with feminism (e.g., dependence vs. independence) has largely been eclipsed, notes Richards, despite the misleading headlines. From diaper-changing stations in both men’s and women’s restrooms to the Family and Medical Leave Act, flextime and on-site childcare in the workplace, feminism’s investment in parenting is undeniable, she writes.”

Never before has a generation of mothers had so much freedom to chose their own path…a fact that seems as if it is highly celebrated in Opting In.  That, of course, doesn’t mean mothering is easy, simplistic, or a no-brainer.  I spent 256 pages in my own book making that point. 

So, I look forward to reading Opting In, and I hope you will join me. 


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