Posh Mama, I am.

As you might have noticed by the Posh Mama badge on this page, I have recently joined in with the online magazine/community Posh Mama.


Now, let me start by saying:  I joined with much trepidation and skepticism.  I am nervous at heart when it comes to internet communications.  There are just too many scary stories out lurking around the world wide web.  And really, in my own estimation, I am not too terribly posh.  But this place is different.


Posh Mama.com is all about supporting women, mostly moms, in their daily endeavors—all the while offering encouragement from one woman to the next, to live life to the fullest, make healthy choices, and follow dreams.  The Posh Mama community is comprised of women from ages twenty to eighty, and come from all walks of life.  The community is made up of over 1,500 women who are CEO’s, models, stay-at-home mothers, artists, business owners and more.  We live in every different state and country you can imagine…and I’ve already had the chance to interact with women in places as near as several hundred miles away, and as far as half a world away (Australia, Spain…to name a few).


This on-line community is about positive perspectives, up-beat atmospheres, and prides itself on being an outreaching community where every new comer feels immediately welcome.  I have found the women to be genuinely excited for each other as we share our business pursuits, explore healthy choices for ourselves and our families, and have fun with features such as Friday Findings, wardrobe tips, green living advice, book reviews and more.


So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, go visit Posh Mama.com…it’s the sweetest girly-girl spot on the ‘net!

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  1. We adore having you as a part of the community!

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