Mother’s Day Tribute

Ok, folks.  Now’s the time:

You may have watched this video before, as I’ve had it available for about a month now.  But it’s time to get this thing rolling, and give every mom we collectively know a chance to view this video before Mother’s Day.  We’ve got 8 days before Mom’s Day hits…so let’s get this thing rolling!

Choose 10 mommies you know who encompass the essence of this video, and send it to them.  Ask them to pass it on to 10 of their beloved mommy friends/relatives…and so forth. 

Whether on Mother’s Day, or every day, we can’t say it enough:  WE’RE PROUD TO BE MOMS.  WE’RE PROUD TO BE WOMEN.  WE’RE THANKFUL FOR THE WOMEN AND MOTHERS WHO HAVE COME BEFORE US, AND FOR THOSE WHO WILL COME AFTER US.  Motherhood is, hands down, the most difficult, enriching, maddening, and satisfying job ANY OF US could ever imagine.

Keep up the good work you do, and let the other moms in your life know how much you appreciate the work they do to!

With love,



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  1. come on over, there’s an award waiting for you at Maternal Spark 🙂

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