Mamafest, here they come!

Thursday must be my lucky day.

Two weeks ago, I received the very first printed copy of my book.  Today, I received a whole shipment.  Boy, was that exciting!

With lightning-like speed, (and while distracting my three little’uns with art projects, building blocks and baked sweet potato chips at ten o’clock in the morning) I bundled up a set of ten books and got them out the door, on their way to the San Diegeo Stroller Stride’s Mamafest–scheduled for Wednesday, May 7th.

The books, along with a gift certificate for the lucky winner and nine of her girlfriends entitling them to a book club meeting with yours truly, will be included in the raffle portion of the festival.  The proceeds from all raffle and admission ticket sales at Mamafest will go to the Postpartum Health Alliance and the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Boy, this book business is fun stuff when it can be combined with:
1) Connecting with other moms
2) Connecting with other moms for a good cause.
3) Connecting with other moms for a good cause and sharing my story at the same time.


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2 responses to “Mamafest, here they come!

  1. Oh! I’m so excited for you! What fun to open a box full of your books and how amazing to be a part of such a noble cause. Good on ya!

  2. Heddy_e,

    You are too sweet! You know, it was really kind of surreal to see the first book…and exponentially more so when the whole mother load came this week! I’m in a permanent state of La-La Land, these days!

    Whatchya got goin’ with your writing these days? Keep that pen to the paper…just a little bit every day! Books have a way of creeping out onto the page when you least expect it!

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