This Book is For You.

Here’s the brief, nitty-gritty update on where things stand with my book, A Dozen Invisible Pieces:

The book officially launched on Friday, April 18.

It went live on Amazon’s site the following Monday.

My sales ranking on Amazon has vacillated between 37k – 197k…depending on how many orders have been placed that day.

The tough thing:  I won’t know how many books have been sold until I receive my quarterly statement from my publisher until two weeks into next quarter.

But you know what?  It doesn’t really matter.

This book is not about sales.  It’s not about best sellers lists, television talk show circuits or (ehem) achieving fame.  My neighbor recently asked me if he could get an autographed book…so he could turn around and sell it on Ebay.  My response?  “What for?”

Well, here’s what for: this book is about sharing a message.  It is about confessing the truth about the early years of motherhood–the truth that dares to shed a light on what goes on inside our homes, our minds, and ourselves as women, as we struggle to be the moms we want to be, and nurture the women we used to be…without giving up or giving in.  This book is meant to be a dialog stimulator…a courage giver…and an invitation to encourage more moms to fess up to their own truths about the amazing (and amazingly difficult) work they do.  (For more mommy confessions, visit this blog.)

The book is about the resiliency and steadfastness that, in part, defines the word, ‘Mother.’  It is about the fragile balance between vulnerability and strength that, when entered into and triumphed over…shows us who we really are.

As much as the writing of this book was healing for me, it was written for all of you.  All of the women out there who are, or are planning to become, mothers.

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