Funny thing…genetics!

Let me preface this post by saying: I TAKE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY!!!

Ok, that being said – it still totally and completely sucks that my dear soul mate and I have moved on to parenting YET ANOTHER child through the throws of purposeful peeing and pooping on the floor.  But this time, there is a direct correlation to my husband’s genetic code.

You see, when he was a young boy, my hubby’s mom made the uncanny discovery one day, of a rather foul odor in his closet.  An odor disturbingly ammonia-ish in nature, with a hint of urea.  It was shortly after that, that she enticed my then, yet-to-become husband, to fess up to his nocturnal closet peeing. (She and DH’s dad also had to bribe him with candy to wear underwear rather than go commando all the time.)

Why do I share this disturbingly embarrassing story with you? To prove the point that our 3 1/2 year-old son is GENETICALLY PREDISPOSED to taking a leak where his shoes and slippers ought to peacefully (and dryly) reside. And so, this morning after he helped his daddy soak up as much urine from the carpet in his closet as possible, I asked him:

“Why did you think it was a good idea to pee in your closet?”

“Because I thought it was the bathroom,” was his innocent (untruthful), Yoda-like reply.

Because daddy did it, would have been more accurate.

Nonetheless, I’m leaving this one to my husband to fix.  After all, he finally figured out where the bathroom was.  Hopefully he can help our son make this discovery as well.


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3 responses to “Funny thing…genetics!

  1. Oh my! At least you are able to wash your hands of it and hand this particular issue over to daddy. I hope it goes well!!

  2. Heddy e,

    I feel entirely justified in washing my hands of this one! 😉 After baring the brunt of almost three years of dealing with our two boys’ food-allergy-induced diarrhea…I’m more than happy to hand over the pee issues to my more than willing other half! Gotta strike a balance somewhere, right?

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