Little Miss Artiste

In the days following the release of my book, my 5-year-old daughter has become incrementally interested in creating her own books.

“Maybe I’ll become an author some day!” was her initial response to my hysterics.

“Maybe I’ll write a book right now!”

And off she went, ergonomic crayons and a stack of printer paper in hand.

Her first book: The Circus for Five-year-old Ellie (I have thoughtfully
interpreted this for you from the extraordinarily phonetical implementation of her title.)


Ferris Wheel

Her second book: Our House

Two Houses by the Sea

Queen and King of the Butterflies

Perhaps, we have another up and coming author in the family.

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2 responses to “Little Miss Artiste

  1. Hey, love the new pad! Such precious drawings, I can’t wait until little H can hold a crayon :)

  2. Word up, wordpress. And yeah, your kid already shows more talent than I EVER will.

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