So, I’ve spent the last few days exploring the world of blogging moms. It’s a big world. All you have to do is look at the All Top list of the hottest (ok, most popular) mom blogs out there…and you’ve automatically got over 200 hundred to chose from. Blogs with names like Cheaper Than Therapy, Whiskey in My Sippey Cup, Suburban Oblivion, and Mamalogues. Wow. I’m suddenly having this strange experience…like I’m back in college again, facing sorority rush week, and wondering… hoping…I’ll get accepted somewhere! And worse yet, while I hate to even admit this…this whole concept of maintaining a blog is really quite new to me.

Despite the fact I’m married to a software industry marketing guru, I’m really a pretty low tech. person. I did, after all, only become compelled to take the plunge and replace our family’s 17″ television crammed comfortably into the corner of the living room, with a 32″ flat panel this past Christmas. Even at that, we only get two tv stations…one of which is PBS.

So grasping the enormity of the blogging world…especially the mom blogging world…has been a leap for me. But I think I’m starting to get it. What my mom, my grandmother, and generations of women before them, wouldn’t have done to have such a freely accessible outlet to vent, celebrate, confess, and question their sojourns through life with kids in tow!

It’s fascinating to scan through the seemingly endless list of mom blogs, absorbing the tone of voice…each woman’s shtick(is that how you spell it?)and realize that while the words, stories, gimmicks, and conversations may be unique to each blogger on each day…the overriding dialog is quite the same. Women are communicators. Any of us who took (endured) pre-marital classes or counseling sessions with our soon-to-be mate knows this. Those personality tests you can pay hundreds of dollars for a professional to interpret? They’ll eventually get down to this bottom line too: women have got something to say, dammit. We need to talk, and we need to be heard.

The journey through Motherhood, whether nursing a previously entered career path, inventing a new one, or tending to our children full time without those other “distractions”, we all need a venue to process our experience of this thing called Motherhood.

And so here I am, a thirty-five-year-old Montana mom of three young children with a business to run, a book to promote, and a new hobby to further distract me from the ever enlarging pile of laundry hidden behind a closed door.

I’m not sure if I’m worthy of admittance into the sorority of the mothers’ blogosphere. But, I’m ok with it, even if not. I didn’t exactly fit into the sorority I joined, either.

P.S. – I think this blog needs a new, blog-mom-worthy name. Any suggestions? (Please try to avoid sending suggestions such as, “This Blog Totally Sucks.” Cut a girl a break, will ya’?



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5 responses to “Blogg…Her?

  1. Mr Lady


    I don’t fit in at all, so maybe you could come hang out with me?

  2. Kimmelin

    Thank you for your kind invitation, Mr Lady. I will gladly accept…only if you’re willing to share a drop o’ that whiskey!

  3. Mr Lady

    I got your back, sister.

    Tell me more about this book….

  4. Kimmelin

    The book: written initially while I was on bed rest with our third child, while a very cute college girl watched over our older two 40 hrs a week, it is a memoir-style sojourn through my own tempestuous transition from my career as a Physician Assistant to being a SAHM. Particular, revisited annecdotes within the book revolve around our EXTREMELY dramatic and highly sensitive daughter (in chapters such as The Vagina Monoluges of a Toddler and Princess D.), our Dennis the Menace middle son with whom we have been through the medical nightmare of trying to discern the cause of 2 1/2 years’ worth of diarrhea (not to mention his asthma), my work as a childbirth educator, the difficult pregnancies that preceded two of our three children, and my battle with both prenatal and postpartum depression. Thanks to the docummented antics of our children, there are as many comical stories as heart-breaking ones. (See next post)

    So, thanks for asking. The book is at the printer, as we speak. I should have my first hard copy in hand next week (YIKES!)and, barring any unforseen issues, it should be available to the public in about 1 1/2 wks.

  5. Mr Lady

    I might just have to pick that up. 🙂

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