So, here I am at yet another coffee shop, having completed yet another round of approvals on my book. But this time, it really is the last time.

Moments ago, I hit the “send” button that delivered my approval of A Dozen Invisible Pieces in its entirety to my publisher. I should see a hard copy of the book in a little over a week. My heart is pounding.

There have been many moments along the way when the reality of this book has become more and more evident. I discuss this in an interview with my (extraordinary) editor, Ashley Shelby, segments of which are availble on YouTube as well as my website. It really is daunting and exciting all at the same time. And yes, I have had plenty of moments during which I ask myself, “what do you think you’re doing?”

But, as I sit here in the moments after hitting that “send” button, and watch the activity around me…activity that so DOES NOT comprise my day-to-day life anymore (the couple across from me, obviously on a first date… the group of five women to my right, holding their monthly book club meeting…the college student to my left in his ragged knit hat, plugged into his ipod…supposedly studying…) I realize that while the world around me has continued with its own version of normality, of some semblance of a regular routine, my routine, for the past two years, anyway, has been all about getting to this moment; about pushing that “send” button that officially releases this story I have felt compelled to share, into the world.

So there you go. It’s on its way.

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