Housework Cure

I’ve done it. I’ve finally discovered the cure for finding a way to enjoy doing housework. The recipe for the cure goes something like this:

1) Write and self-publish a book that monopolizes every spare moment of your evening time during which you might otherwise be painting your nails, gabbing on the phone, zoning out in front of the boob tube, or reading (another) good book. Push yourself like a cattle driver to discover every possible promotional outlet (along with the help of your devoted husband, friends and family) and tap into each and every one of those outlets with no time to loose. After all, you won’t have a PR person doing the work for you–having chosen to self publish.

2) Invite a whole bunch of friends, many of whom you haven’t seen for a very long time, over to your house for a Girl’s Night Out.

3) Suddenly discover your house is a disaster–having largely neglected it in the recent book-entrenched weeks–and needs a top-to-bottom sanitizing before the girls show up.

4)Languish in the mindlessness of scrubbing toilets and dusting furniture, while envisioning your forth-coming leisure time with the girls.

And the best part is…this REALLY works! I have never enjoyed the “down time” of house cleaning so much in my life! (Now, if I can just find a way to once again enjoy preparing dinner for my family…)

Okay, I’m off to send some more emails…


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