Culture of Awareness (Not!)

I have begun generating some interest in my book—largely through the efforts of my dear friend, Tera. A saleswoman in San Diego, she is incredibly well connected to people all over the country, really, and for some reason she is compelled to help me get the word out about my book. She seems to think there is a message within those 212 pages that young mothers can’t do without.

All I know is that motherhood is darned hard. It tries the patience of many a woman—a little or a lot—depending on her personality and those of her children. And here we are, doing our very best (in most cases) to nurture our kids into reasonable, functional human beings, and we’re doing it in a cultural environment that is severely lacking when it comes to supporting moms—whether working inside or outside the home. As I prepare to publically launch this book, as well as write for Montana Parent magazine, and interact with the students who attend my Pregnancy to Parenthood Childbirth Preparation classes, I am so underwhelmed by the quality of support out there. We, as an American culture, can be doing so much more.

I suppose then, that’s what this book demonstrates: it demonstrates how hard it is to achieve the goal of being a good parent in a lackluster environment. It decries the challenges without having found a solution.

I think that is the direction my work is taking me: creating cultural awareness of the crying out we mothers are doing: HELLO AMERICA! WE NEED MORE SUPPORT! PLEASE HELP US TO BE THE GREAT MOTHERS WE REALLY WANT TO BE! Do you think anyone is listening???


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